The Leros Humanism Seminars are a series of yearly intellectual encounters on the island of Leros.

image of building in leros


The seminars will explore the possibilities for humanism as an emancipatory project for our times, without affording ethical or moral primacy to either human or non-human beings. These seminars will explore the questions of what makes humans human, what is the responsibility that humans have towards each other and to the surrounding world, and how the exclusion of humans by humans is fundamentally anti-human.


During the first two days of the seminar cycle we will hold three round-tables each day. Each round-table will be an interaction among participants from different disciplines, actions, and registers. There will be no concurrent sessions. There will be a 3-hour break in the middle of each day for personal leisure and exploration, taking advantage of the beauty of this unique island.  We imagine that the intellectual encounters of the conference will very well continue off stage in these settings.